Saturday, 9 June 2007

A special little package...

The start of a long line of friendship:

starts here, with this journal... and another eleven others. Isn't it gorgeous and all thanks to Gina, as this is her beautiful journal.

And this is the little cute notepad that Gina sent me as a gift - thank you honey!

And this is just one of the goodies I got in Pandora's today! Sandra has some beautiful new Jenni Bowlin stuff in... I also saw one of her customers had made a beautiful birthday card with the imagpak (sp) stamp kit... She had stamped a golden dragon onto shrink plastic and hung it on a jump ring on the centre of a little bit of spirella... it looked really effective and gorgeous - I would've loved to have recieved it!

And I brought Emily and me a matching pair of these:

And this is the cute-patootie little dress we have brought for little Ruby... Awwww don' you wish they stayed that little!?


Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...

I am sooo excited about the circle journal!!! but you didn't but your name and addie in the database on the yahoo group so I can't sned you a little RAK when my journal gets to you!!!

Nina said...

I really want to do a circle journal!

Polly said...

Following the comment re a piccie on my blog - 1. It was given by a friend to me, so if she has copied it I apologise on her behalf! The picture is actually a BBC piccie with text just added!
2. I don't particularly think it's very nice of a great way to approach the situation by just leaving a rather hurtful comment than actually finding out first.

Polly said...

And... actually looking at the image you have meant (the dr.who one) it actually isn't the same!

michelle said...

I can't wait to get mine! i got mine (from you) and you are fabulous! and what's the deal with this comment?