Thursday, 3 May 2007


Thats what I have. I am now truly addicted to blogging and other peoples blogs. People are just so facsinating (well us crafty ones that is!)
Above is a little reminder of our cute little challenge... the little goodies i'm gonna send out will make something like this and more besides. I will try and finish mine this afternoon, my 14 things book that is... I just have to fill it (STILL) and it means finding out some number stamps which I keep putting off.
I recieved the queen and co felt band today in lime, orange and red. It is scrummy! I am getting so much stuff just lately I cannot keep up with it all. I think a great Idea would be a list of all the stuff I actually have and then I would at least have some idea- at the moment I just forget about stuff. But then it is a huge surprise when you find it again... not realising you had even lost it.
Catcha later!

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