Monday, 7 May 2007

A huge huge huge Sorry!!!

We have had such a busy weekend. You know those ones when you plan to get everything done and run around like a headless chook but nothing gets done??? Well, it's been one of those. And so I was a bad little blogger and didn't post yesterday or Saturday *tut, tut, tut* I can PROMISE more exciting stuff will follow this week!
We finally got the last few bits for Ben's room and now it's nearly finished he can go in there and I can have my long awaited scrapping space- hooray!
Thank you for all the mail regarding the '14 things...' I will sift through them with Kevy later and announce the winner on Wednesday, then if you mail me your details I can package up the goodies and send them to you! Thank you for all who entered!
Have you all signed up for ??? I have just signed my name and cannot wait til the 1st now! I have so many cool things on the horizon at the minute. I have a CJ to get and start off with my SoML girlies! and then a million and one other jobs that I have going on at the mo! Wow, i'm gonna be busy.
My main aim this year is to get onto a design team. I have been doing this for three years in September and I really really am trying to aim to make this hobby work for me in a career way as well as just a hobby. It would be real fab if it could happen like that. I would be an absolute dream.

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michelle said...

you are very talented, girlfriend, so just keep pushing toward your dream and don't give up!