Saturday, 5 May 2007

I have another addiction...

... it's friends reunited. I have been on there for ages now, never really felt the need to contact anyone but have enjoyed looking and laughing (usually very loud) at some of the things people have put about themselves. Also a while back I found out that an ex had another baby (well, not him but his now partner) He now has a piccie of her on there. He has not changed on bit. But then you begin searching random names from your past and so it leads on to a totally addiction to the site.
So far I have found heaps of old school friends and people I worked with at Butlins! It seems somewhat strange to think that Butlins happened nearly ten years ago. It's made me become all nostalgic to my youth and what I was like. Wild. Sometimes when I look back I don't even recognise me.
We haven't been up to much today - just visited Kev's mum and dad and while we were there we saw his brother, sister in law and his two nephews and niece. His niece was excited because she had brought around her dancing photos to show us all. She sure looked cute! Emily caused a riot though when she insited that Holly played 'donkey-rides' with her and forgot she had big-girl pants on and managed to wee on her back during the excitement of it all. We all laughed but Holly did not see the funny side!
I haven't got much planned tonight except I will finish my 14 things booklet... I tried yesterday but then called my sister and she had a bad day so provided some much needed therapy for her. Will upload those pics if I get time tonight.
Love ya!

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michelle said...

the internet is wild! its great to find people that you haven't seen in forever!

ps. i love that you blog everyday!