Monday, 28 May 2007

Life is crazy...

Life is just crazy at the moment. You know I have so much on, I always have so much on! And added to the mix is the pencil lines design team call... check it out on It will be a fabulous for whoever wins!

Since I didn't blog yesterday, i'll tell you what I did: I scrapped! I loved it. I sat down and worked for three whole hours and managed to complete a whole LO. It felt good! and i'm pretty proud of it except one little piece which I may change. Then after my two littlies had gone to bed, I scrapped some more! Oh, I am in love with scrapping!

Today we headed off into town and got soaked. The rain has been so bad here, really heavy and heaps of it. But I did have a little spend.... just a little one seens as I have ordered a huge amount of stuff from Jessica at and needless to say that I cannot wait for it to arrive. But back to my little spend...
I brought :

From Pandoras papercrafts in Basildon, aren't they just so scrummy!? I already had the creative imaginations patterned paper to match the chipboard shapes so now i'm pretty excited to start on that LO. But I have one mid-made atm so gonna try and resist and finish that first!

I am also on tenderhooks as it is this Friday that Sara puts the SoML kits out and she has an add on that is limited in avaliablity (!) fingers crossed that I manage to get them both... I am waiting and hoping that it will all be ok for me but with the time differences and things it makes it awkward to order it at the moment it goes on sale- that is unless you are nocturnal, which alas I am not.

So I have heaps on my horizon... and i'm madly trying to create the full A4 sheet of stamps to be made up along with LO's for the BOB scrapbooking and the pencil lines DT call... along with all the other things in my life! I have however come to the conclusion that unless I get my finger out the CK scrapbooking awards will be a no, no this year- boo! I am trying... Less blogging and more scrapping I think!


michelle said...

woo-hoo, get your scrap on sista! I got no scrappin done, but will be busy this weekend. oh boy do i miss the rain. I guess when you never get it you miss it. I totally hear ya about getting your work out there. You never know unless you try!

Nina said...

N0 dont stop blogging!