Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Productive Mornings...

Today I have had a super busy morning. I have cleaned... I have hoovered... I have washed! (lots - three loads) and I have been super busy!

No idea why I have this sudden urge to complete chores but it's good I have.

Now my two little monkeys are glued to meg and mog on the tv. It will soon be sleep time and I have some super-dooper cool scrapping organised (lets hope we're all happy and sleep well!). I have a huge idea that will have fabby journalling to complete. I also wanna do a doodly LO and some stiching too...

On the upside its the school prom tonight, so Kevy will be out and I can have free range on the remote and the lounge floor... I know i'll be happy and my stash will be spread all over!!! Yeah! I love creating.

And I may call my sister too. I love that girl.

I may add piccies if I have time amongst the scrapping and monkey-sitting!

1 comment:

michelle said...

i on the other hand have been the laziest person on earth. I cannot get motivated this week. I'm so lazy I hired a housekeeper this week. i just want to sleep the days away!