Thursday, 17 May 2007

Three Sleeps... and lots of packing!

It's three sleeps til the Billericay crop and I still have so much to do. My head is full of ideas and i'm spending the days doing chores with a pen and paper to jot everything down, it's driving me mad that I have so many deadlines at the mo and I simply can't work any faster.

I have half completed the stamp sheet I want to get made up. I am trying to draw out a set of alphas too to see if they would work as I just love funky writing and think if they were on a stamp it would be so easy and quicker than free hand each time. Not that I would stop the freehand stuff just it would give my hand a break... I have also been trying out some robots and skulls which seem to be all the rage atm and I must admit I love skulls... they can be made so funky. I have failed at birds, they just look weird.

I put together two more LO's yesterday evening, well I just have a few little gems to add on a flower on one LO but all in all a fairly creative night! Tonight will be much the same, I hope! I have heaps and heaps more LO's to create and heaps of ideas too. I figure that this afternoon I will be staging some piccies so I can fulfill my LO ideas.

And along with all the usual day to day stuff and creating, I have my packing to do for crop on Sunday! And boy, it is going to take so so so long to pack it all up- my desk is like a pile of paper, buttons, tape and ribbon. It is crazy. BUT does help my creativity.

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