Saturday, 19 May 2007

OOOOOH! Stop drooling!

Here are the beautiful freshwater pearls I ordered! Wow, aren't the colours so vibrant and yummy?!!!

And here is a little sterling silver beauty that I made this afternoon while my two bubbas were sleeping!You can't actually see very well but there are little cream pearls on there too just nestling between each larger cherry coloured pearl. Going to wear it with pride tomorrow at crop... Ooh yummy!

More importantly though I oughta get on with the necklace for Daphne!


shelly b said...

OOH...lovely stuff!

michelle said...

wow! these are way beautiful! i love the colors - perfect for the summer!

Emma_byford said...

YOur very clever, I love the bracelet!!! LOve to see of some of your other stuff, are there many on previous posts I should look out for???

Polly said...

Hey Emma!

Have not put any up before but have made a few more pieces just recently... I will add piccies later tonight if I get the chance!

Thank You!!!

gina said...

yummy indeed!! especially the orange and pink ones!!