Thursday, 3 May 2007

Me again!

Isn't he scrummy??? Yes, I do adore him He is soooo lush. Since looking back at my old piccies and seeing my time with the Heppels and Palmers has reminded me so much of my time in the 'city' and Shelley and me going out in Epsom and into town. Wow, I miss here; my little Aussie chick!
I have joined a team on UK Scrappers- We are the chipboard chicks- how cool is that?! Yeah, I love being part of a team and we are already nattering on about my fave subject - stash! We are nattering about kits and all the lush things we have been buying just lately.
I have (after much deliberation) brought an amm tote (a blue one) and it should be here tomorrow. I just need somewhere sensible to store my tools and 'essentials' because at the mo they are just spread everywhere and it takes me much longer to scrap while i'm like that. Mind you, it's in my nature to be so untidy, I have always been and I can't see it changing now. Not after 27 years- can you???

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michelle said...

i go thru phases where i am a complete slob, but after a certain point i just cant take it anymore and then i go crazy cleaning.. lol go figure..