Thursday, 31 May 2007

Our day out...

Here is my nephew George... I don't know why he did that with his arms, he thought it was posing!

This is my eldest niece Abbeygail, she is pretty smart and starting school in September.

Here's Emily and George. They really are good buddies. They just have similar personalities. You know they have always been friends, they share and play lovely which I find pretty good for saying Emily is going though he 'I WWWWWWOOOOOOOOONNNT it' stage.

Here's my youngest niece Jessica. She is a cheeky monkey- full of life and spirit. She was so cute today... 'Paula, I think baby Ben really loves me... Does he love me?'

And lastly a weird but pretty sweet piccie of Abbeygail...

That was our day today. Travelling in the car, then the kids running riot at my sisters. Emily was distraught when it rained and she had to come inside from their garden and all the ride-ons. She was so sad! Jill, my sister was talking to her about her lunch and Emily just piped up '...yeah I just love playing in the garden...'

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