Tuesday, 15 May 2007

To Do:

  1. I need to design/make up 12 LO's for the creating keepsake scrapbooker 2007. And sort out 8 of my already made up LO's too.
  2. Design/make up 6 LO's for the BOB scrapbooking too!
  3. Make and complete my page of my Circle Journal, by the end of May - to be posted on the 1st of June (or before really cause mine has far to travel!)
  4. Draw out my stamp sheet to be made up.

And that is without the usual stuff- you know the stuff our other halfs think that the housework fairies do!

Now you know why I haven't posted my new makes... I'm saving them til I have applied for the two comp's! Everyone apply- Go on! There are some fabby prizes to be won and what an opportunity if you won! imagine the interest in your creativity, it would be absolutely amazing!


miss morgan... said...

i always mean to enter the ck one and i always get to scared. maybe this is the year!

are you getting the stamp sheet through etsy? i'm going to get one of those when i have money too!

i'm also working on designing some stamps for the store i work at! : )

Nina said...

You are because your work is fabby - mine isnt! Go for it girl!

Polly said...

I didn't know Etsy sold those stamp sheets (will go and have a look!)

Nina your work is FABBY! At crop I wanna hear that you ARE entering! Your little book I saw at last crop was amazingly beautiful...

Nina said...

Awwwww thanks!
I need to sit next to you at the crop to get some vibes! Wouldn't it be fab if Shimelle turned up?! I might put a message on her blog.