Friday, 11 May 2007


I have just taken this... they are two happy little things! Emily is getting to that 'hard to photograph' stage- she wants to see what you've took, before you've taken it, so keeping her still is getting harder and harder. Ben however, will smile and smile and smile forever more. He is fairly easy atm!

My TSV arrived today and I don't know who was more excited, Emily or me. She was bouncing round the lounge shouting out 'look at me! It's ribbons! It's sparkles ... ' etc... She is going to be a scrapper, I just know it!
Also I am the proud owner of a crop-a-dile... I haven't had time to play yet but I promise once they go down for their naps I will!
Started a ten page beer mat book last night and began to use my bampop! papers, I have had them for so long now and feel I dare cut into them seens as I have two sets. So far i've finished the back cover and started the front and two inside pages. I think it's going to be another no-piccies one but I love them all the same!

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michelle said...

ah! these two are darling! and he is looking sooo happy right now, it's infectious!