Thursday, 31 May 2007

Scrap, scrap, scrapity scrap!

This I forgot to add yesterday ... on my elsie-esque blog post... this is a part of the maya road binder which is full of '70 things I love...' inspired by Elsie's 12 x 12 LO (you can see it on 2peas if you search elsiecake's gallery) ... I really enjoyed doing this and wrapped loads of ribbon round a metal keyring ring...

These I found the other day - a whole HUGE biscuit tin of old, old, old buttons that were my Grans. I am happy! Some are grubby, still have cotton attached but will wash up well and some are pretty cute. Just ideal to scrap!

I am in love with scrapping. It seriously does rule my life. I am willing my kids to grow out of clothes so as I can hack them up and get embellies from them. And tomorrow i'm off into town to Pandora's... Sandra has the new Elsie range in!!! Woooooo hooo ( check out ) Kevy is out tomorrow with some old uni mates and so I will NEED something to do while i'm sat in with my two little ones... (do I really need anymore of an excuse to scrap?)

Also can I just say that big brother is soooo naff this year. I know I always say thats it... it just gets worse, i'm not going to watch it but I seriously mean it this time. And watched the last of the series desperate housewives last night... whooah, didn't see Edie hanging herself coming. And even though i'm not keen on her. I did feel sad. Waiting for the repercussion now on Carlos (and hoping he gets back with Gabrielle)... Have to wait a while though. Still, mustn't be sad I still have Ugly Betty to watch. Somehow I think everyone can empathise with her life one way or another... and Amanda is so damn hillarious. And the scottish woman - the one who was in extras. She pretty damn cool too. And Daniel Meade is HOT with a capital H... and the guy who fancies Betty from accounts or where ever he works is pretty cute in a quirky... like rip my specs off and i'm sonme kinda superman/spiderman superhero hunk...

I'm waffling on. Must go to sleep!

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