Friday, 18 May 2007

I have a commission!

I am so pleased. Today, out of the blue an old work colleague calls up and asks if I still sell my jewellery. I used to make pieces and sell them back when I started nannying as I found the school mums and people I met could 1. Afford them and 2.Wanted the sort of designs I made... I stopped once I stopped working in London/Surrey and had no real customers any more, nor the drive to make any new pieces either.

Well, Daphne has called and asked if I could make her a bright piece to wear to a friends daughters wedding in June, YES JUNE! How could I say no? So now i've just ordered a fairly big batch of freshwater pearls and sterling silver findings to see what I can come up with. I have a fair bit to play with because she is wearing beige and hasn't brought any bag or shoes yet... She said she is willing to match them up with the neckalce she has asked me to make. So I am totally PUMPED!

Luckily my old supplier is still selling her pearls and so I know that i've got a good deal and she said she will get them out today and I should get them tomorrow! I am sure that the findings will not arrive tomorrow though so I won't actually be able to start but in any case tomorrow and Sunday are packed full of stuff I need to do! I am so busy!

I will post a piccie tomorrow of those beautiful pearls if and when they arrive! (I have some gorgeous colours coming!)

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