Monday, 21 May 2007

I just have realised I have an addictive personality...

Never before have I realised this but... Now I have...

My name is Paula and I am an addict. I have had my stash and craft addiction for years now (along with a coke addiction too) coca cola that is) and it has to stop! I think every crafter/scrapper would say the same. I buy far too much than I could ever use and half of it is sat lying around and will never be used, not EVER. I have far too much stuff. I am an addict to buying new stash.

So by realising and facing that I AM addicted, do you think i'll stop??? (I don't!)

I have to crack on with Daphne's necklace though this week and finish my CJ for the SoML girls! I started it yesterday at crop and managed to get alittle done last night while I watched my favie prog David Gest - he is just so unreal! He is weird but SOOOOO funny. I wonder if he is really so eccentric in RL?

Piccies will be added later!

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michelle said...

girl, i hear ya. I could probably open a store with all my stuff. i by stuff at my lss and i subscribed to 7 kits this month.. really its out of control